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Pink Cloud transports you to a tropical state of mind with white sands, palm trees, warm, shallow, brilliant and sparkling turquoise waters. Inhale, exhale, and take pleasure in a refreshing Premium Non-Alcoholic Functional Hemp Beverage with a SWELL of tropical fruit juice and sunshine.

Pink Cloud is an alternative to alcohol for the modern, health-conscious, time-starved female craving balance + living life on her terms. Our mission is to inspire inclusion, capture moments of elation + euphoria while promoting a healthy body + mind. 

Better Ingredients

We hand-selected the highest quality ingredients. 100% natural fruit juice and puree to ensure you’re not drinking concentrates made in a lab to replicate the flavors of the fruits. No fake flavor, no artificial sweeteners; only the real juice and purees you love so much.

Sunny Vibes

The Sunshine Vitamin can help build strength and improve physical literacy. Physical literacy is a fundamental + valuable human capability. It is acquired by encompassing motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding.

Powered by SoRSE

Quality matters! Best tasting and most effective Broad Spectrum Hemp! This is why we partnered with SoRSE who puts thought and mindful care into creating the best-tasting, most effective products with water-soluble functional ingredients. All the amazing benefits to keep you calm and cool without an earthy, bitter, hempy aftertaste.

Pink Vibes Only

A feeling or state of intense happiness + well-being

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Travel is my therapy and drinking Pink Cloud makes my soul feel like it’s on holiday. Tropical flavors and wildly refreshing.
— Sloane Pomaika’IKini
Customer reviews
Bringing easy, feel-good vibes to my door.
— Brian
Customer reviews
My favorite self care plan for the day? Drink Pink Cloud, chill, be awesome, and repeat. It’s elation in a pretty dope can.
— Paige
Customer reviews
I survive on door dash, Spotify, leggings, coffee, and lots of Pink Cloud. The Pineapple yuzu & lime is the best! It's well balanced, bold and refreshing.
— Dagny
Customer reviews
Takes me away to an exotic vaca. When I crack it open each smell and sip feels like I am beachside enjoying an amazing mocktail.
— Anonymous
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To us, our affiliates are more than just a number - we want the opportunity to grow together and collaborate on authentic, creative content because we believe in the power of personal referrals creating fans.

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