Meet Our Founder


Aloha, my name is Sierra. I love traveling, meeting people, and living in the moment. I crave sunny beaches, reggae music, amazing food, strong coffee, paddle boarding and creating adventures with my hubby and daughter.

In my twenties, I navigated becoming sober while my career in the media and music industry was taking off. I was living in a fast-paced world full of temptations and distractions, but I was tired of putting my well-being on the back burner. I wanted a non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy while socializing, that felt inclusive, festive, and wasn’t packed with calories. The status quo was exhausting! Super sugary mocktails gave me unneeded calories, and ordering virgin drinks at bars prompted many clients to assume I was expecting, and led to more awkward side glances than I can count.

I wanted a tropical, fruit forward beverage that nourished both my body and mind, and felt like a comparable treat to the cocktails I was surrounded by. When I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to make it myself. And Tropink was a born (formerly known as Pink Cloud Beverages).

My Premium Non-Alcoholic Functional Beverages were created to be inclusive, innovative, and authentic. Spirit-free cocktails and the sober curious movement are on the rise, but social scenes are not yet equipped with an alternative drink like mine.

I created these NA bevies for a growing group of non-drinkers who want to enjoy the social side of drinking without anxiety or the negative effects alcohol has on our mind and body. Our goal is to create inclusion and normalize sober drinking as a movement. We want you to take pleasure in a refreshing adult beverage over a good meal, concert, at the beach or a fun night out, just like you would with wine, seltzer, and cocktails. Made for EVERYONE! Those sober (like me), sober curious, flex drinking, or for people who simply want a night off with a better-for-you beverage and no regret.

Let us transport you to a Tropink state of mind filled with moments of elation and euphoria!